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That is me


I am 68 years old, retired, and serious about retirement. As you can see, 

I am exhausted from working on 

"Just Turned 30".

working on the script


Writing a movie script is a LOT of work. 

A lot of time is spent deep in thought.

Kid's Learning Community


That is me working the dice table at a fund raising event for my daughter's English school in Nuevo Arenal, Costa Rica.


My daughter bettye


When Bettye was a child, her favorite TV show was Wonder Woman. As an adult, Bettye's goal is to improve the future job opportunities for the children of Arenal by teaching them to speak English. 

retirement responsibilities


Sugar and Honey relaxing in the pool. They are King Charles Cavaliers and they expect to be treated like royalty. They own the house. They allow my wife and me to live in the house to serve their every desire. They even let us sleep in the house at night!

The egg factory


Watching chickens is more fun than watching TV.

The rooster's name is Egg White.

The hen's names are 

Poached, Scrambled, Over Easy, Sunny Side, K, F, and C.