The inspiration for "Just Turned 30: A movie For Women" came first from my daughter. She has always wanted children. She has been married three times. She tried various fertility procedures including in vitro fertilization. Nothing worked. She is now in her later 40s and will never have children. My daughter, my wife, and I know well the feelings of emptiness, loneliness, and hopelessness that comes from knowing there will never be children or grandchildren in our small family. 

The inspiration that caused me to write the script was the result of a series of events that started when I was watching the 2017 Academy Awards. I had not seen any of the movies nominated. (The closest theater is 60 miles away. I usually don't see movies until they come on TV). La La Land caught my attention. The next day my wife picked up a copy of La La Land while out shopping. We watched it together. She liked it, and went to bed. I watched it again, and then twice more the next day. I really like that movie.

The next thing I wanted to know is who is Emma Stone? So I do the internet thing and read all about her. I had seen a couple of her previous movies, and watch a couple more. I read all about her life and how she became an actress. One thing really stood out to me. According to the internet, at age 12 Emma convinced her parents to allow her to be home schooled. I thought: "Wow! What a smart  little girl." It was like, "Why didn't I think of that?" I did not like school, specifically the social drama, and especially high school. 

One of the things I do is watch and listen to celebrates doing live interviews. It is interesting to see them out of character. It was one of these interviews that started the whole "Just Turned 30" thinking. Emma was participating in an Actress Roundtable discussion. At the end of the event, the moderator asked each actress what they want to do in the future. Emma said she wanted a family, that she wanted to have children. So it was back to the internet to see if she was married. At the time she was 28, single, and no children. Based on what happened with my daughter, my thought was: "If this young woman is not careful, the whole baby experience will pass her by". My next thought was, "Someone should make a movie about all this". I looked around the room and I was the only one there. That is when I started thinking about "Just Turned 30: A Movie For Women".