a few things men need to know


I must start this section with a disclaimer. As I write this, I am 68 years old. I do not claim to understand women! 

Consider this question for a moment. A man is standing in a forest all alone. He says something, and there is no woman to hear what he says. Is he still wrong? Most women, without hesitation, will say, "Yes!"

That being said, and I should know better, I am going to state what I believe is a fact about women. Here it is. Are you ready?

Almost every woman wants to be a mother.

I say "most" because there are some women that do not want to be a mother. I am also trying to stay out of trouble.

There! I said it. Am I brave? Or foolish? Now I will try to be a little more serious.

If you are a religious person, you believe that God created women. He created women to be mothers.

If you are not a religious person and believe in evolution, then women evolved to be mothers.

I believe motherhood is the primary purpose for most women. It is written into their DNA. They have a huge desire, a drive, a need to be a mother. The baby grows inside a women's body. The relationship between mother and child is something we men can only guess at knowing. Mothers love their children, and children love their mothers. Mothers are fulfilled and completed women. From the moment of conception, a woman will never be alone.

So what does this have to do with the score of the last game? It is simple. The better you understand a woman's need to be a mother, the better your relationship with her will be. You should do some additional research. You should learn all about the monthly cycle. You need to know a woman's best child bearing years are in her 20s. You need to learn that a woman's fertility peaks at about age 28, and starts to decline around age 30. You need to know that a woman should plan to have children in her 20s, and definitely by age 35. You should read what women write about motherhood. Next you need to work out how you feel about being a husband and/or a father. When you reach a point where you think you know something, you need to talk this over with the woman in your life. This is best done before you get married. Listen to her carefully. Do your best to understand what she is saying and how she feels. Find out what she expects from you. Don't make her say what you want to hear. Be honest about your feelings. Don't lie to get her in bed. This is very important stuff that will affect the rest of your life.

If the woman in your life is in her 20s, she has time to work all this out. There is time for the two of you to get to know one another. There is time to understand what she expects from you and what you expect from her. There is time to plan your future together. There is time to plan your family. A little advice from an old guy: have kids as soon as possible. This may not sound logical and wise, and it may seem difficult, but things have a way of working themselves out.

If the woman in your life has just turned 30 and has no children, EVERYTHING CHANGES. Age 30 is a major turning point for women. They have about five years to have kids. This must become the number one priority in her life, and yours too. These five years will pass by very quickly so immediate action is required! Medical science has extended child bearing years. However, these procedures are invasive, painful, embarrassing, stressful, expensive, and they don't always work. Do your own research. Almost everyone will agree that conceiving a child naturally is the best way.  

If you are already married and she turns 30, you need to man up and do whatever is necessary for her to have baby. The first step is for both of you to visit a fertility specialist. They will do the necessary assessment and guide you from there. 

If you are not married, you could man up and marry her. Then follow through and make a baby or two.

If you are not married, you could man up and do whatever is necessary for her to have a baby. You can work out the marriage thing as you go along. 

If you are the type of guy that doesn't want to be a husband and/or a father, you need to man up and say so. She will probably throw you out, so be prepared.

You could man up, offer to supply the necessary tadpole, and she could be a single mom. This happens to millions of women. This is not the best. The important thing is she has a child.

Finally, and most important. If you don't want to be a husband and/or a father, break off the relationship and walk out the door. Give her the chance to find a man ready, willing, and able to step up to the plate and do what needs to be done.