A Letter To Emily

Dear Emily,

    It was March of 2017 that I saw you in the Actress Roundtable video. This is the first time I heard you say you wanted a family, that you wanted to have children. The video was published January 30, 2017. As I write this near the end of July 2019, that is 2  1/2 years ago.


     It has been said, "The days are long, but the years are short".


    To say it another way, it takes all day to live a day. Some days are good, some are not so good, some are a combination of both. It still takes all day to live a day. When looking back over a life, the years seem to be short, and they seem to have flown by.

    The experts say that if a woman wants to have children, she should plan to have children before age 35. Any woman that has just turned 30 and wants children needs to make it her number 1 priority. The next 5 years of your life will pass very quickly. Don't let having children pass you by.

    According to the internet, you have also said you have an interest in writing, directing, and/or producing a movie. The internet also says some of the best scripts/movies come from personal experience. Since you are 30, this script is something you should identify with. This script will further crystallize your thinking about turning 30 and having children

    The whole purpose of this website is to get you to take a look at the script!

    I would be happy to send you a copy. Just let me know.